Technology increases hydraulic efficiency and energy savings

SAN DIEGO – May 17, 2016 – Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (Zodiac®) a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, announces the release of VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology for use with Jandy® JXi gas heaters. VersaFlo maximizes the hydraulic efficiency of pool equipment pads by dramatically reducing the pressure drop across the heating system when the heater isn’t used.

"VersaFlo is a game changer for increasing hydraulic efficiency of swimming pool equipment,” said Jeff Holmquist, Product Manager, Zodiac Pool Systems. “The addition of VersaFlo makes the ultra-compact, lightweight and energy-efficient JXi the clear choice for pool professionals who demand the highest equipment efficiency possible."

Available now, the JXi will feature new VersaFlo Integrated Bypass Technology for:

  • Increased hydraulic efficiency: The JXi with VersaFlo Integrated Bypass offers an additional, up to 20 percent energy savings*.
  • Ease of operation: Automatic actuation is based on call for heat and does not require human interaction.
  • Ease of installation: The flow bypass valve is integrated into the JXi header, requiring no external plumbing modifications.
  • Versa Plumb®-readiness: The hydraulic savings of VersaFlo make it the perfect complement to Versa Plumb, which reduces plumbing costs and maximizes energy efficiency in the smallest footprint available.

*Versus similar system without VersaFlo

VersaFlo is available in two versions: factory-installed on a JXi 400K BTU model or as an easy addition to any JXi by field installing the VersaFlo Bypass Assembly Kit.

To learn more about the new Jandy Pro Series JXi with VersaFlo, please visit www.Jandy.com.

About Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

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