Polaris® Unleashes Lineup of Cordless Cleaners to Meet Every Need

SAN DIEGO – April, 2024 – Polaris, the leading manufacturer of premium automatic pool cleaners, has added to its robotic offering with a new lineup of cordless cleaners to accommodate any backyard pool or spa.

The Polaris® FREEDOM™, which debuted last Spring, was the first Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner launched by the iconic brand. Now Polaris builds on the success of FREEDOM with the advanced FREEDOM™ Plus, PIXEL™ and the groundbreaking new Spabot™ cleaners.

"Pool cleaners aren’t always a one-size-fits-all solution; pool sizes vary as do the individual conveniences that every pool owner is looking for,” said Sarah Martin, product manager for automatic pool cleaners at Fluidra. “Our new collection of cordless robotic pool cleaners, seamlessly addresses the diverse requirements of various spas, pools and pool owners, embodying a commitment to efficiency, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology—all without the hassle of cords."

With their new cordless robotic cleaner lineup, Polaris provides cleaning solutions for those looking for remote control capabilities, above-ground pool cleaners and an automatic cleaner specifically created for attached spas or stand-alone hot tubs:

NEW Polaris® FREEDOM™ Plus

Offering the utmost convenience with cutting-edge LiFi technology, the FREEDOM Plus cordless robotic pool cleaner allows you to communicate with the cleaner while it’s under water. The Lifi remote control uses light pulses to direct its movements so pool owners can start or stop the cleaner at will, redirect the cleaner to target debris cleanup and call the cleaner up to the surface with the Easy Lift System for lightweight removal at any time. The FREEDOM Plus also comes with a premium outdoor-rated charging caddy that makes transporting and recharging the cleaner simple.

As with the previous FREEDOM cordless cleaner, this cleaner connects with the iAquaLink® app and features four cleaning modes, including floor only; floor, walls and waterline; waterline only; and Polaris’ customized SMART Cycle mode which calculates the optimal cleaning time for a pool based on size, shape and surface.

NEW Polaris® PIXEL™

Powerful and compact, the Polaris PIXEL compact cordless robotic cleaner cleans the floor of above-ground and simple in-ground pools without the clutter of a cable laying across the backyard. Easy to use, with one cleaning cycle and a single button start, when the cleaning cycle is completed, PIXEL waits underwater at the wall where it can be retrieved using the included hook attached to a standard swimming pool pole to pull the cleaner to the surface.

Polaris® Spabot™

This first-ever automatic spa cleaner, Spabot introduces special SpaNav™ Technology, a unique guidance system that enables the cleaner to maneuver out of tight spaces by floating up and diving back down to resume cleaning, and navigate with ease over floors, walls, benches and concave seating typical of in-ground spas and portable hot tubs.

Providing the ultimate hands-free convenience of automatic cleaning, Spabot is completely cordless and cleans in just 60 minutes— scrubbing surfaces and collecting debris within its filter canister. Easy to use, simply start it up, set it in the spa and walk away while it does the work — once done, it floats to the surface using specialized Float Finish™ technology so it can be readily removed and plugged back in to recharge for its next use.

All Polaris cordless cleaners are powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries and are engineered with brushes to help agitate stuck-on dirt from surfaces.


About Fluidra

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