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Company's Certified Pool/Spa Instructor™ (CPI™) creates focused certification and training programs for staff and dealers

SAN DIEGO – April 24, 2014 – Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (@ZodiacPool_USA) announced today that the company's technical support team has completed specialized coursework and training to obtain the Certified Pool · Spa Operator (CPO®) Certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). Under the direction of Chris Mather, customer education administrator at Zodiac and a Certified Pool/Spa Instructor (CPI), the 23-person team completed intensive study in water chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, and government requirements.

"The CPO certification both elevates and enhances our technical support team's understanding of comprehensive pool operations and pool water chemistry – a key factor in the lifespan of pool equipment," said Lydia Romero, technical support supervisor at Zodiac. "Every Zodiac staff member assisting with customer relations and answering phones now holds the CPO certification, which will make our team even more efficient in assisting and educating our customers about preventative maintenance measures."

According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the CPO Certification Program is designed to give participants a better understanding of the operator's role in pool care, management, and risk reduction. Each Zodiac Technical Support staff member completed a 16-hour course, including a two-day class and more than two hours of examination.

Zodiac remains dedicated to single-call resolution and ease of experience for all pool and spa customers and dealers. The company regularly solicits feedback from its customers, and recent studies, such as the one from Dimensional Research, show that consumers value a quick resolution of their problem.

"Our customers ultimately want cost efficiency and to prolong the life of their pool equipment," said Jill Rooks, director of information technologies and customer operations at Zodiac. "Building a skilled team of qualified problem-solvers who thoroughly understand water chemistry enables us to provide more complete answers, faster solutions, and increased savings to both technicians and homeowners."

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