Zodiac New and Improved Pool Cleaners

Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Enhances Popular Pool Cleaners and Adds New Suction Disc Model

Consumer and dealer research provides insight and direction for user-friendly features

SAN DIEGO – April 10, 2013Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. announces premium consumer-focused enhancements to its popular Polaris® 9400 Sport robotic pool cleaner and Zodiac T5 Duo® suction cleaner, and unveils its new Zodiac T3™ suction pool cleaner. Zodiac engineers conducted consumer and dealer research for years prior to incorporating the improvements, thereby ensuring the latest innovations contributed to a better experience for pool owners.

Zodiac's boldest and most sought-after enhancements are for its sleek robotic cleaner, the Polaris 9400 Sport. Known for visionary designs that maximize cleaning power and energy efficiency, Zodiac's robotics team has developed three superior accessories that complement the cleaner and dramatically surpass other options available on the market. They include:

  • The new Polaris lift system revolutionizes the consumer experience by preventing the difficult and awkward task of pulling the cleaner out of the pool. With the press of a button, the cleaner will climb a wall of the user's choice and wait at the water's edge to be removed. As the consumer begins to pull the cleaner out, the 9400 will automatically evacuate its water, reducing its weight from nearly 40 pounds to just 16 pounds in a matter of seconds.
  • The 7-day programmable timer eliminates the need for daily input from the pool owner. Where consumers formerly had to physically start their cleaner every day, the timer allows them to pre-set automated cleaning cycles for hassle-free cleaning convenience.
  • The newly designed premium caddy provides the much needed transport and storage capabilities for the cleaner when it is not in use. The new caddy requires no tools to assemble, and with its premium alloy construction and a compact design, the caddy is easy to use and saves space.

The 9400 Sport is ideal for all pool types, and is especially appropriate for pools with modern features such as beach entries. It utilizes several patented Zodiac technologies including ActivMotion Sensor™ intelligence and Vortex Vacuum technology. The 9400 Sport cost just pennies a day to operate, reducing energy consumption up to 90 percent. It retails for $1499 MSRP and qualifies for an in-season rebate of up to $150.

Zodiac's new 2013 suction cleaner, the T3, is a smart, simple, and swift addition to the T series family. It includes many of the same innovations as Zodiac's leading suction cleaner, the T5 Duo, but on a smaller frame. The T3 incorporates the following key features:

  • Zodiac pioneered the design of diaphragm cleaners more than 20 years ago, and has improved the diaphragm in its T series cleaners to be significantly more durable and quieter. The silent "Dura Life" diaphragm provides maximum durability and silent operation.
  • A single, 14 inch disc with Zodiac's patented finned design for aggressive wall climbing and unimpaired maneuverability over lights, drains and wall fittings.
  • A fixed wheel deflector to help steer the cleaner and prevent hose entanglement.
  • Tool-free serviceability due to a quick-release hand nut, that makes the cleaner exceptionally easy to use and service.

The T3 cleaner includes 10 meters of hose and is ideal for small to mid-size pools approximately 15' x 30'. Designed with future energy requirements in mind, the T3 is compatible with energy efficient pool systems and low flow pumps. It retails for $274 MSRP.

The T5 Duo suction cleaner is Zodiac's evolution of its long standing and popular G3 cleaner. Built on the foundation of the G3, with significant improvements, the T5 Duo is the most advanced suction disc cleaner that Zodiac offers. It has been refreshed with Zodiac's bold brand colors for 2013 and includes the following key innovations:

  • A duo disc system with two overlapping discs for maximum flexibility, cleaning coverage and pool adhesion. The front disc is for steering, while the back disc, with Zodiac's patented fin design, is for aggressive wall climbing. The discs provide a 17-inch cleaning footprint – the largest in its class.
  • An adjustable wheel deflector that can be positioned at any point along the cleaner hose to prevent entanglement of the hose and cleaner.
  • The T5 also boasts the same silent Dura Life diaphragm and tool-free serviceability as the T3.

The T5 Duo includes 12 meters of hose and is ideal for medium to large pools approximately 20' x 40'. Like the T3, the T5 Duo is compatible with energy efficient pool systems and is designed for low flow pumps. It retails for $399 MSRP and qualifies for an in-season consumer rebate of up to $100. A video of the cleaner in action is available on the Zodiac Website.

"These are completely consumer-focused pool cleaners and enhancements designed on extensive research," said Kevin Braidic, director of Product Development for Zodiac. "Pool owners love that we solve their problems. Simple things like silent operation, or not having to lug a heavy cleaner out of the pool, those features matter to pool owners and have real wow factor. We love to make products that enhance our consumers' pool experience."

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