Zodiac completes 2 new variable speed pump models

Safety Vacuum Release System and energy efficiency take top priority with new pump options

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 20, 2013 – Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (@ZodiacPool_USA) now has a complete line of variable speed pumps for pools and spas with the addition of its two newest pumps, the Jandy® Pro Series ePump™ + SVRS and the 1.0 horse power (HP) VS FloPro™. Both models help pool owners save up to 90 percent on energy costs with their variable speed, energy efficient motors. They also provide service professionals additional options to find the right pump for their specific application.

The ePump + SVRS is a 2.0 horse power pump with eight variable speeds and incorporates the benefits of a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). Zodiac’s SVRS technology aids in the prevention of full body entrapment in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB P&SS Act). As a variable speed pump, the ePump + SVRS provides powerful, yet energy efficient operation. The ePump + SVRS is ENERGY STAR® rated and comes with a newly announced auxiliary circuit load control allowing professionals to use the pump to control additional auxiliary equipment such as salt-chlorinators or booster pumps.

The 1.0 HP VS FloPro is a lower horse power variable speed pump, designed to be operated at energy saving lower speeds for maximum efficiency. It is ideal for pool and spa builds with 1.5 or 2 inch plumbing. The 1.0 HP VS FloPro is ENERGY STAR® qualified, signifying it meets or exceeds energy- efficiency guidelines. Featuring an on-board, rotatable, and remote mountable digital controller with two timers and eight speeds, best-in-class installation flexibility comes standard. Like the 2.0 HP VS FloPro, the new model includes adjustable base options to minimize plumbing modifications when retrofitting most leading pumps. It is also easy to install into new construction applications.

Both the ePump + SVRS and the 1.0 HP VS FloPro come with standard Jandy Pro Series features such as:

  • High efficiency, permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors, providing extended motor life and quieter and cooler operation, especially at lower speeds
  • Eight adjustable speeds for maximum efficiency
  • AquaLink® ready with four control options, providing complete programming and customization choices
  • Unions for easy installation and service
  • User-friendly ergonomic high profile lid handles, backplate handle, and drain plugs for easy service
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified, signifying they meet or exceed Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) energy-efficiency requirements

“With these two new models, we now have an energy efficient, professional grade variable speed pump for every pool and spa application,” said David Goldman, Zodiac’s Director of Product Development. “We addressed the needs of pool professionals and consumers alike and created products that are safety- and energy- conscious as well as easy to install and maintain. Like the rest of our Jandy Pro Series pumps, these options provide the ultimate in reliability, performance, and ease of installation, making them first-choice pumps for pool professionals everywhere.”

Both pumps are compatible with Jandy Pro Series’ Versa Plumb® system, a swimming pool equipment plumbing system providing exceptional hydraulic efficiency and intelligent design elements that have resulted in one of the most energy-efficient pool systems in the industry. As variable speed pumps, both models also comply with Appliance Efficiency Standards and may qualify for power rebates. To calculate any pump’s savings, see http://www.zodiacpoolsystems.com/Innovation/Energy-Efficiency/Pool-Pump-Savings.aspx.

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Lexy Haynes