Polaris Zodiac Days Promotions to augment rebate program

Polaris and Zodiac Days Promotions to augment “Get Rewarded” tiered rebate program

SAN DIEGO – Mar. 27, 2013 – Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. has revitalized its Polaris® Days and Zodiac® Days promotional events to enhance the company’s industry-leading consumer campaigns and to support its new “Get Rewarded” rebate program for consumers who purchase Polaris and Zodiac branded automatic pool cleaners. Zodiac will support the promotions by offering retailers several incentives to run special events in their local markets.

Local dealers are encouraged to run up to three events per year, of up to four days each event. Zodiac and Polaris will support the events with monthly press releases, a special events section on its Websites, and a special promotional code that allows participating dealers to offer up to an additional 10 percent off MSRP to consumers who purchase cleaners during the event, if they choose to do so. Those consumers can still receive the full rebate amount. In addition, Zodiac will supply the dealers with a specialized merchandizing kit that includes T-shirts,brochures, window posters, tent cards, yard signs, balloons, buttons, beach balls, pens and koozies as giveaway items. Dealers must opt-in to the program by purchasing a minimum of five qualifying cleaners to sell during the events. Dealers who participate in the event are also eligible to receive free premium product displays (while supplies last).

The “Get Rewarded” program, the largest consumer rebate program in the industry for automatic pool cleaners, will provide a strong incentive for pool owners to purchase the best selling cleaners throughout the 2013 peak pool season and will drive sales for dealers while protecting margins and enhancing brand credibility. Under a tiered rebate schedule consumers will have the opportunity to earn a larger rebate based on higher net prices paid for cleaners within any of the following categories: suction, pressure or robotic, under both brand names. During the Polaris Days and Zodiac Days promotions, their savings can be even greater if they purchase from a dealer offering additional rebates on select pool cleaners.

According to Michelle Kenyon, vice president of marketing at Zodiac, the company continues to look for ways to support its retailers. “Zodiac honors our commitment to our dealers with marketing programs and consumer rebates to drive traffic and support sales. We believe these Polaris and Zodiac Days promotions will help to remind consumers of what a great experience it is for families and friends to get together around the pool, while giving them an incentive to purchase new equipment that will lower their maintenance time and save energy. It’s the best of all possible worlds!"

Zodiac delivers best-in-class, national marketing, customer service, and media campaigns to drive sales. These events will be added to other programs including online advertising, direct mailers, PR, social media, and in-store merchandising. The first Polaris/Zodiac Days promotions will begin to run in March.

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