Fluidra Golf Fundraiser

San Diego, CA – April 27, 2023 – Fluidra, a global leader in pool and wellness solutions, is proud to announce its seventh annual charity golf event on April 25, 2023, at the Crossings Golf Course in Carlsbad, CA. This event serves as the organization’s major fundraiser for the year and proceeds will go towards Step into Swim and Warrior Foundation Freedom Station (WFFS).

A sustainably-focused, dynamic, and global company, Fluidra aims to be a force for change in the world; working to bring about change for the communities that need it most. Through its outreach program—P.A.T.H. (Providing Alternative Tomorrows with Hope), a part of the Fluidra Foundation—the company partners with programs that help inspire future generations and honors present day heroes.

As part of its goal to bring the joy and substantial benefits of swimming to children across all communities, Fluidra is excited to be working with Step Into Swim, an initiative of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) dedicated to creating more swimmers through safe swim education. Fluidra is proud to support Step Into Swim in their effort to reduce childhood drowning by providing learn-to-swim grants to children in underserved communities.

And to recognize the selfless service of U.S. Military Warriors, Fluidra has partnered with WFFS to support military men and women by providing transitional housing and a sense of community to help improve their quality of life as they transition from military to civilian life.

"At Fluidra, we believe in giving back and being part of a larger effort to improve the world in which we live,” said Lennie Rhoades, president of Fluidra North America. “We are thrilled to be partnering with these two amazing organizations to help make a difference and be able to continue to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our communities and the people that live there."

All funds raised will be divided evenly between Step Into Swim and Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

About Step Into Swim™

Step Into Swim is an initiative of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and its foundation committed to safe swim education and drowning prevention. By investing in the next generation of swimmers through learn-to-swim programming, the Step Into Swim initiative instills confidence, empowers long-term participation in water activities, touts the positive benefits of water play, and advocates for safe practices. Since its inception in 2012, Step Into Swim has played a role in reducing drowning fatalities and has gifted swim lessons to more than 300,000 children with support from community organizations, partners, industry advocates, members and more. For more information, visit www.stepintoswim.org.