Zodiac Announces Transition to the Fluidra Name

SAN DIEGO – January 14, 2020 – Following the July 2018 merger with Fluidra, S.A. (BME:FDR), Zodiac announced today that the company will now be operating as Fluidra.

Since the close of the merger last year, the two companies have been united in their mission and strategic business decisions; this corporate rebrand to Fluidra serves as a logical next step in the integration of the two organizations. All product brands, such as Jandy®, Polaris®, and Zodiac®, as well as sales contacts, warranty processes and all customer support functions will be not be impacted by the change.

“We’re excited about our future as one Fluidra. We now have the resources to accelerate innovation as well as expand into new areas of the pool market, such as the commercial segment,” said Troy Franzen, President of Fluidra North America.“We expect to offer our customers a wide range of new products and solutions in the coming years and remain committed to working closely with them to help drive their growth and success.”

For more information, pool professionals can contact their sales representative, call (800) 822-7933 or view our FAQ's.

About Fluidra

Fluidra is a publicly listed company focused on developing innovative products, services and IoT solutions for the residential and commercial pool markets, globally. The company operates in over 45 countries and owns a portfolio of some of the industry’s most recognized and trusted brands, including Jandy®, Polaris®, and Zodiac®, To learn more about Fluidra, visit fluidrausa.com or call 800-822-7933.


Media contact:
Jacqueline Edelman
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