2023 Endless Summer Savings

POLARIS REBATE OFFER TERMS VALID IN THE U.S. ONLY. Offer void where prohibited by law. Limit one rebate per household, name, or address. Employees of Zodiac Pool Systems LLC, their families, Zodiac Pool Systems LLC, affiliated companies, agencies, wholesale distributors, retailers, dealers, groups, or organizations are not eligible. Please allow 6-8 weeks for card issuance. This offer is valid only on qualifying purchases made on or between September 5, 2023 - December 31, 2023 and must be received within 30 days of the purchase of your new Polaris pool cleaner. Offer valid only for purchases made in the U.S., by U.S. residents. Rewards cards will be issued only to consumers who purchase from a participating Polaris dealer. Units purchased directly from a wholesale distributor are not eligible for the rebate. Rewards cards are issued only after the receipt and verification of all paperwork. Cards are funded in U.S. dollars only. Zodiac Pool Systems LLC is not responsible for lost or misdirected packages. Program subject to change or cancellation without notice. The rebate is delivered on a Visa Rewards Card. Card program issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA pursuant to a license from Visa USA, Inc. Actual card appearance may vary. The Visa Rewards card is redeemable anywhere Visa® Debit is accepted. Visa Rewards Cards expire 90 days after issuance.

Rebates will only be paid based on final qualifying purchase price for one whole good, including any discounts or promotions. Final purchase price does not include tax, shipping, parts, or accessory purchases. Any discounts or promotions that exceed the minimum qualifying purchase price will void the rebate. Exceptions to qualifying amounts granted only during Polaris Days or other approved promotion.

Eligible Products

Product Model Rebate Minimum Purchase Price
Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners
Polaris Quattro Sport F4TR $150 $1,149
Polaris Quattro P40 F40 $150 $1,149
Polaris Q4000 F4000 $150 $1099
Polaris 3900 Sport F6 $150 $949
Polaris P39 WE000008 $150 $949
Suction-Side Pool Cleaners
Polaris ATLAS XT FSATLASXT $100 $574
$100  $574
Polaris MAXX FSMAXX $100 $574
Robotic Pool Cleaners
Polaris ALPHA iQ+ FALPHAIQP $50 $1,649
Polaris ALPHA iQ FALPHAIQ $50 $1,449
Polaris PHENOM iQ+ FPHENOMIQP $50 $1,549
Polaris VRX iQ+ FVRXIQP $50 $1,649
Polaris EPIC 8642 iQ FEPIC8642IQ $50 $1,249
Polaris SCOUT 42 iQ FSCOUT42IQ $50 $1,149
Polaris EPIC 8640 FEPIC8640 $50 $1,149
Polaris SCOUT 40 FSCOUT40 $50 $1,049
Polaris EPIC 8520 FEPIC8520 $50 $949

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