It’s Time to Show Off!

August 1, 2023 – Fluidra, a global leader in pool and wellness equipment and connected solutions, first established an international day to celebrate the work pool industry professionals do through the National Day Archives three years ago. Fluidra International Pool Pro Day, celebrated on September 7th each year, was created to recognize the countless hours of hard work pool professionals put in to deliver endless memories and enjoyment to pool owners.

“There’s a lot of hard work—a lot of good work—being done by pool professionals every day,” said Lennie Rhoades, President of Fluidra North America, “we wanted to take one day to just appreciate it all.”

Regardless what sector of the business, pool professionals are experts in their field who allow for pool owners to thoroughly enjoy their pools each summer. Service technicians spend endless hours in the sun ensuring all equipment is properly functioning, balancing pool water chemistry for proper sanitization and ridding the pool of troublesome debris while taking care of any necessary repairs to keep pools safe, operational and efficient. Retailers play a pivotal role in guiding important customer purchasing decisions—such as finding the appropriate automatic pool cleaner or energy-efficient equipment options—as well as providing a valuable resource for maintenance information. Pool builders help homeowners bring their ideal outdoor sustainable oasis to life from start to finish by designing their dream pools, installing the most efficient equipment for their design and constructing the pool from the ground up.

This year, Fluidra is providing pool pros with the opportunity to highlight their work and possibly win a prize for doing so.

The company is hosting two separate social media contests for pool retail and distribution employees, as well as service technicians and pool builders. For pros who spend their days stocking shelves and assisting customers at the counter, they can submit a snapshot of any display showcasing any of Fluidra’s family of brands (Jandy®, Polaris®, CMP®, S.R.Smith®, Nature2®, Taylor Water Technologies, etc.). And for pros who face the elements day-in and day-out as they install or upgrade equipment, they can show off their efforts by posting a photo of a Jandy pool pad; these entries will be voted on by their peers who can truly appreciate the technical expertise that goes into plumbing the pad.

The contest begins August 1st and winners will be announced on Fluidra International Pool Pro Day, September, 7th.

For more information and to take part, you can visit the company’s Fluidra North America Facebook Page.

About Fluidra

Fluidra is a publicly listed company focused on developing innovative products, services and IoT solutions for the residential and commercial pool markets, globally. The company operates in over 45 countries and owns a portfolio of the industry’s most recognized and trusted brands, including Jandy®, Polaris®, CMP®, Taylor, S.R.Smith® and Zodiac®. To learn more about Fluidra, visit or call 800-822-7933.