Cover-Pools Expands Its Most Advanced Automatic Pool Cover System

Cover-Pools’ NEW T4™ lineup now comes with options to cover all your pool and spa needs

SAN DIEGO – April 15, 2020Cover-Pools, the originators of the automatic pool cover, has broadened their selection of industry-leading pool covers with an expanded T4 lineup comprised of the original T4™ automatic pool cover system and the new T4 Versa and T4 Spa automatic cover systems.

Harnessing the same innovative technology first introduced with the original T4 system, both T4 Versa and T4 Spa offer greater versatility with a smaller mechanism and motor footprint that enables them to be discretely hidden beneath 14-inch coping to accommodate the sleek lines of modern pool designs as well as stand-alone spas. Just as with the first T4 system, these latest advances in automated pool covers can be installed with game-changing Stainless Steel cable or alternatively, Cover-Pools has introduced Ultimate™ Rope as a more traditional option that can be utilized with any T4 system.

As with the groundbreaking T4 Stainless Steel Cable automatic pool cover system, all three new models incorporate Corr-Resist™ technology — which is unrivaled for fighting corrosion. Similarly, each features adjustable end hubs to accommodate varying lengths of the cover roller tube, an adaptable reel diameter to ensure alignment with the leading edge, and easy-to-install adjustable mounting bracketry that can be shifted for proper positioning — all resulting in an easier installation and a strong, secure cover seal every time the cover is closed.

“Having invented the first automatic pool cover back in 1959, we have a long history of pioneering new technologies to further improve on our product and provide the safety and reliability that pool owners depend on,” said LaMont Drechsel, Vice President and General Manager, Cover-Pools. “Now, with this new T4 lineup, we can truly offer a range of choices to suit any pool or spa with an advanced design that offers the same safety and reliability and doesn’t detract from a pools aesthetics.”

With a smaller offset and a rope option, the T4 system can be mixed and matched by preference:

T4 Versa
T4 Versa features a smaller motor and a space-saving offset of only 12.25” that fits under standard 14-inch coping, eliminating the increased expense of larger coping. (Comparatively, the original T4 system provides a 23-inch offset). As with the original T4 automatic pool cover system, T4 Versa can accommodate pools up to 50’ long and is available with either cutting-edge stainless steel cable or durable Ultimate rope for strong, long-lasting reliability.

T4™ Spa
Like its pool cover counterpart, the T4 Versa, T4 Spa is designed with a smaller motor to accommodate a spa footprint with just a 12.25” offset and can be used with either stainless steel cable or Ultimate rope drive systems.

T4 Rope
Bridging the gap between tradition and technology is T4 Rope. With a smaller mechanism and motor than previous rope models, T4 Rope features Cover-Pool’s exclusive 3/16” diameter, top-of-the-line Ultimate™ rope and tapered rope reels, along with larger 1 ½” pulleys, to create less stress when opening and closing the cover — ultimately extending the longevity of the rope. Owing to the naturally forgiving nature of rope, T4 Rope is exceptionally adaptable and can accommodate pools up to 40-feet in length. Furthermore, it can readily be upgraded to stainless steel without having to replace the existing setup.

About Cover-Pools

Cover-Pools is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic safety pool covers. In 1959, Joe Lamb, the founder of Cover-Pools, invented the automatic pool cover—a cover that could be used daily and offer safety, energy, and heat-saving benefits to all swimming pool owners. Patented in 1962, Cover-Pools has been designing custom covers that protect families and their pools, while accommodating most pool shapes and design features. Always at the forefront of their industry, Cover-Pools strives to develop new and creative ways to cover any pool.

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Fluidra is a publicly listed company focused on developing innovative products, services and IoT solutions for the residential and commercial pool markets, globally. The company operates in over 45 countries and owns a portfolio of some of the industry’s most recognized and trusted brands, including Jandy®, Polaris®, and Zodiac®, To learn more about Fluidra, visit or call 800-822-7933.


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