SAN DIEGO – Jan. 20, 2016 - Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. (Zodiac®) a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, announces a suite of five new Jandy® Pro Series products in its biggest product launch yet and focused on making life and business easier for its customers:

  • Jandy Pro Series TruClear™ Saltwater Chlorinator
  • Jandy Pro Series JXi™ Pool & Spa Heater
  • Jandy Pro Series iQPump01
  • Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED Underwater Lights
  • Jandy Pro Series Ozone Corona Discharge System

From pumps and heaters to nicheless LED lights, the new suite of Jandy pool solutions offers simple but ingenious innovations to help builders and servicers speed installation and maintenance, saving them time and money. Simpler and faster to install and operate, plus more reliable than ever before, the Jandy Pro Series product suite is easier than ever to sell to customers and support. The new products will be previewed at the 2016 Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show, Jan. 26 – 28 in booth 2437.

"Each new product offers unique innovations designed to make pool owners', builders' and servicers' lives easier," said Michelle Kenyon, vice president, marketing at Zodiac Pool Systems. "Pool owners can spend more time enjoying their pools and and pool professionals will spend less time and energy on pool maintenance."

Jandy Pro Series TruClear Saltwater Chlorinator

TruClear is a saltwater chlorinator designed for easy installation, use, and service without sacrificing performance or reliability. Features include durable Jandy Never Lube® Valve construction, transparent window for quick view of blades, and removable cell for faster cleaning.

Benefits include:

  • Simple to service: New transparent window design allows easy visual inspection of blades; a removable cell with attached cord can be easily dipped into the cleaning solution for quick service; and tool-free twist-lock connector enables foolproof, one-step electrical connection to the power pack.
  • Extreme reliability: Constructed with durable Jandy Never Lube® Valve material. Easy to install: Versions available for new construction applications, and with unions for retrofit installations.
  • Easy to install: Versions available for new construction applications, and with unions for retrofit installations.
  • Energy-efficient: : Works at extremely low-flow rates making it fully compatible with variable-speed pumps.

Jandy Pro Series JXi™ Pool & Spa Heater with VersaFlo™ Integrated Bypass

In 2014, the JXi heater set a new standard in pool and spa heating technology with its ultra-compact size, lightweight design, and installation flexibility. Coming in 2016, the JXi will feature new VersaFlo Integrated Bypass Technology for maximum hydraulic efficiency and energy savings.

Benefits include:

  • Increased hydraulic efficiency: The JXi with VersaFlo Integrated Bypass offers an additional, up to 20 percent, energy savings when used with a variable-speed pump.
  • Ease of operation: Automatic actuation of flow bypass valve is based on call for heat and does not require human interaction.
  • Ease of installation: The flow bypass valve is integrated into the JXi's header, requiring no external plumbing modifications.
  • Versa Plumb-ready: The hydraulic savings of VersaFlo make it the perfect complement to VersaPlumb, which reduces plumbing costs and maximizes energy efficiency in the smallest footprint available.

Jandy Pro Series iQPump01

iQPump01 enables app control for Jandy variable-speed pumps. A mobile pump user interface that allows pool professionals to easily install, set up, and control the pump using a smartphone and the iAquaLink app, iQPump01's built-in hotspot technology makes set up and programming simple - even without Internet access.

  • Easy set-up: Built-in hotspot technology makes for the industry’s easiest-to-install remote-mounted pump control. Includes onsite set-up and programming with or without Internet access with no extra parts needed, no assembly or disassembly required; and typically installs in seconds.
  • Anytime, anywhere control when connected to the Internet: When connected to the web, pool professionals and owners can control the pump anytime, and access and edit schedules, anywhere through the iAquaLink app (available via Android and iPhone).
  • Easy access via onboard buttons: Easy remote-mounted UI simpler user interface improves productivity for the pool pro. Simplified onboard user interface allows servicer to access several key features without a smartphone, including quick clean, time-out mode, countdown mode and more.
  • Energy-efficient: Pumps can be programmed to run at non-peak energy periods and to run at the minimum speed it needs for cleaning, and heating. Energy consumption can be adjusted to pool's needs.

Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED Underwater Lights

The new Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED Underwater Lights feature RGBW technology for a more radiant color effect. Available in Watercolors and White-only models, the lights also come in a variety of outputs and sizes for creative flexibility.

Benefits include:

  • Better illumination: Up to 250% brighter than first-generation Jandy models, and 25% greater beam spread to light hard-to-reach corners.
  • Brighter white light and reduced color distortion: RGBW technology delivers a more radiant color experience.
  • A range of outputs: Watercolors and White-Only models are offered in three different power levels - low-voltage (12VAC) lights are available with 9W, 20W, and 30W max power draw options.
  • Easy to install: Nicheless LED lights require no bonding or traditional niches and are installed using a standard 1 1/2-inch fitting.
  • Reliability: Nicheless LED lights feature redundant-seal technology to protect lights from water damage.

Jandy Pro Series Ozone Corona Discharge System

The Ozone Corona Discharge Ozone Discharge System delivers the high output and energy efficiency of a true corona discharge ozone generator in a simple-to-install, extremely reliable system. It comes in three sizes: CD40 for pools up to 40,000 gallons, CD70 for pools up to 70,000 gallons and CD100 for pools up to 100,000 gallons.

Benefits include:

  • Reliable: Engineered for high output and long life, the corona discharge is designed to be impervious to moisture and acids.
  • Easy to install: Simple installation for both new and existing pools, Ozone is easily wall mounted and wired to a pool timer. Two installation kits provide versatile plumb-in options.
  • A cleaner, clearer pool: Strong oxidation helps to rid the pool water of organic and inorganic contaminants, making the pool water cleaner. It destroys biofilm, the slime that can accumulate on the surface of an inactive pool.
  • Energy efficient and sustainable: The system generates high ozone output with low energy cost. It quickly oxidizes organic contaminants, that immediately break down into pure oxygen without creating harmful or irritation disinfection byproducts.
  • Cost-effective: : Ozone allows chlorine to last longer by decreasing its rate of consumption, thereby reducing cost.

To learn more about the new suite of Jandy Pro Series equipment, please visit www.jandy.com or www.zodiac.com.

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