GAVA Honors VP of Business Development Zodiac Pool Systems Inc with 2012 Inspire Award

Photo caption: 3VE Board of Directors (left to right) Joseph M. Vassallo, Mary Vail and Joseph A. Vassallo with 2012 Inspire Award honoree (center with award) Vance Gillette, Vice President of Business Development, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

(September 23, 2012, Las Vegas, NV) The GAVA Awards produced by Three V Enterprises (3VE) presented Vance Gillette, Vice President of Business Development for Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. with the 2012 Inspire Award during the annual awards reception in Las Vegas, Nevada held on September 20th. The forty-five year industry veteran has played a key role in the promotion of pools and spas across the globe.

The Inspire Award recognizes individuals who inspire greatness in others through their unselfish devotion, creativity and passion in the field of AquaTekture.

"After careful and deliberate consideration, 3VE’s Board of Directors was proud to name Vance Gillette as the 2012 Inspire Award honoree. His many years of dedication to the pool and spa industry in numerous roles and with prominent organizations prove that many have turned to his wisdom, knowledge and insight to empower their companies to greatness," states GAVA Founder Joseph M. Vassallo, CBP. "And, his overwhelming determination and activism to promote a positive consumer experience serves to benefit everyone."

"Receiving the 2012 Inspire Award is a defining moment in my career and life, I am truly honored and grateful," states Vance Gillette.

During the presentation, industry executives shared their thoughts on Gillette and how he has inspired them.

Bob Haning, Pebble Technology, Inc., "An Icon in the industry, Vance is the most humble man I’ve ever met. A man with great passion, he is a giant in the industry, a forward thinker, and he has an outstanding reputation... It is an honor to call him my friend and mentor."

Al Rizzo, President, Rizzo Pools, "Vance is a man of passion for our industry."

Barry Greenwald, Cover Pools, "Thank you, Mr. Gillette for being my mentor."

Scott B. Frost, VP of Sales, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., "The award could not have gone to a better person...Vance has been my mentor and inspiration throughout my career. But more than that he's been an inspiration to our industry, even though he represented a manufacturer that sold pool equipment he's always focused on the pool experience."

Brian Van Bower, Genesis 3, "Vance, You have been, and continue to be, one of the most inspirational members of our industry. Your constant focus on the enjoyment, satisfaction and lifestyle benefits that our industry’s products bring to the world, along with your sharing of beautiful images of projects from all sources, continue to remind us of exactly what it is we are selling. In 1998, you were the first manufacturer to throw your dedicated support behind the Genesis 3 mission and you were instrumental in inspiring other manufacturers to join you in supporting us. We continue to enjoy your inspirational talks and articles, your unwavering commitment to furthering the advancement of an industry that can definitely use it and your positive outlook. For this we thank you! On behalf of my Genesis 3 members and associates worldwide and myself, congratulations on being recognized by the GAVA Awards and on receiving this, much deserved, Inspire Award. Congratulations!"

Buzz Ghiz, President Paramount Pool and Spa Systems, "I’ve known Vance for thirty plus years, there has never been anyone with so much passion or integrity representing our industry. Vance is the BEST ambassador for the promotion of pools and spas. Congratulations for this well-deserved Inspire Award,"

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